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Background music by Daisuke Terauchi

DESHIMA (2005)
This piece is written by collaboration of Daisuke Terauchi and Tamaho Miyake for the fashion show by Hisashi Shibata at Rietverd Academie Endexamen Mode show.
This music is written by combining between electronics and acoustic, composition and improvisation.
Recording by piano and voice was played by improvisation in advance. After recording, these are used as materials for improvisation at the fashion show.
Daisuke Terauchi and Tamaho Miyake performed by operating the sampler and effecter.
In recent years, Daisuke Terauchi often perform this kind of combining.

Fashion show by Hisashi Shibata

Trying to listen

School song by Daisuke Terauchi

Kure Aoyama junior high school, school song(2002)
In Japan, they have a tradition about school song.
Almost Schools in Japan has their own school song.
School song is the one of symbols of the school.
Daisuke Terauchi has composed 3 school songs in Japan.

Kure Aoyama junior high school, school song

Trying to listen