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Improvisation by Daisuke Terauchi

As improviser, Daisuke Terauchi has improvised with the various fields of artists, such as a dancer, painter, calligrapher, and computer musician. He performs with various kinds of voices, and musical instruments, such as a recorder, a keyboard harmonica, and a jews harp.
He has performed his improvisation at various places such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Wien, Lier, Daegu, Klaipeda, Brussel and so on.

Improvisation by Daisuke Terauchi

Trying to listen his improvisations

Wordless poetry (2002)
In 2002, he released this CD which has 6 recordings by his voice improvisation.
In these improvisations, he didnft use any instruments and any electronic effects. He plays only his own voice.
Since this kind of his improvisation is given high evaluation at poetry fields, he was invited and performed at big poetry events such as gPoetry boxingh in Japan and gVurige Tongenh in Amsterdam.

CD gWordless poetryh Released in 1999
Trying to listen

Vurige Tongen in Amsterdam

Drawing by Edgar Jansen (May, 2007)
Valeria Primost is dancing (left), Daisuke Terauchi is playing the mouth harp(right)

Website of Edgar Jansen is HERE