Listening room


You can try to listen the music or video by Daisuke Terauchi.
Some of them is only beginning.

Chamber works

Thread for 3 clarinets(1998) (this is only beginning)

Two lines for piano(1997)(this is only beginning)

Nenchaku for 2 Flutes(1995) (this is only beginning)

NAGARE for violin and piano(2001)(this is only beginning)

Friedrich's Theme for alto saxophone (2006)

Longing for the dawn for 4 part chorus (female or children) and piano (2006)

One day closer to paradise (2006) (Movie)

SAKURA (2006) (Movie)

a small tattoo for Violin, Clarinet and Piano (2007)

Emortional Expression Etude for 2 performers (2005)

Arrows for orchestra(2008)

Ganges for chamber orchestra(2008)

A path through a forest for 3 Keyboard harmonicas(2008)

Uzu for Childrens large ensemble(2000)

Electronic music or Sound Installation

ever (2006)

The Sea for some liquor tanks and Tatakkies (2009)

Wordless Poetry

Wordless poetry CD track 1

School songs

Kure Aoyama Junior high school, School song (2002)

Midori elementary school, school song (2003)

Meiritsu elementary school, school song (2005)(Sorry, this is only piano part)

Theater pieces (Video)

Tea (1997) (Movie)

Hands (1997) (Movie)

Wandering (1997) (Movie)

Books (2000) (Movie)

Background Music

DESHIMA (2005) (Movie)

Video piece

balloon (2006) (Movie)

Kissing Mouth harp(2007) (Movie)

You can listen some improvisations by Daisuke Terauchi here.

Geisya Performance

Geisya performance (2005)